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Setup & Performance


Hub2 and Google wifi

I'm new to NowTV and I want to use my Google wifi mesh system with the hub 2. It has set up ok BUT devices keep losing connection to the internet. LAN connection ok but then can't get through the hub. Ideally I'd have the hub in "modem mode" which I ...

Awful down speed over WIFI but only on desktop

Gooooood morning, wondering if anyone has had any issues with their router. I'm getting speeds of what I could say are fair on mobile however I have been getting awful speeds on desktop. I reset my computer a week or so ago as I was concerned it migh...

Broadband Phone Line/Socket

HiI was about to sign up for braodband with Now. During the form filling date selection it says I don't need an engineer visit. However, I'm pretty sure the existing phone socket isn't working (it was hanging off the wall!) I can't call Now unless I ...

Broadband speed.

Hi, I've just joined NOW Broadband, and the download speed I am getting is much lower than I was hoping for. The estimated speed states 62 Mb, and the guaranteed speed states 57 Mb. I am getting less than 20 Mb at the moment. Will this improve over t...

Potential new customer,

Hello there am currently with the Post office for home phone and Three for internet, Both of which are now out of contract, Looking to join Now for Superfast Fibre with Phone line rental included, Some Company's can handle the change over for you ie ...

Broadband router

Hi all just wondering if anyone knows if I can use my tp-link ax50 router instead of the box provided by NOW. I bought for my last provider so it's still new and want to use it rather than put it in storage.

Using USB with hub2

Hi I've just joined NOWTV and can't find a simple way to connect the USB hard drive. My old router modem has a USB port, can I use this or is there an upgrade I can buy from NOWTV.  Any simple to follow instructions would be appreciated. Thanks 

EGL Tv not listed for remote pairing

Hello,I purchased a now tv stick for my mum for Christmas and she has tried to set it up herself.she has a brand new EGL tv which is not listed in the list of manufacturers to pair the remote. Not sure what to do, can anyone help? Thank you in advanc...

Change my ip address to ip4

How very odd there is no customer service/tech help available to help with my query - ask other users to solve my problem!? Anyhow currently I am getting an ip6 public ip but I need to be able to use IP4 for work. I have looked on the router settings...