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Setup & Performance


That's me done with this company

Saturday day off no broadband. 3 green lights1) Tells me reported fault 6.30 am2) Tell me to check and can't find hub even though I'm looking at 3 lights3) Log on information required4) Check cables run checks over and over.5) Check cables 5) Book en...

poor upload performance (not speed)

Hi,  I livestream on twitch and like to mainly play FIFA. My issue is that no matter what bitrate I stream in, 1500, 2000, 3000, etc. my game struggles with ping jitter. My upload speed is 7.2Mbps and using 2000kbps bitrate uses not even half of my u...

Router statistics

Hi Can anybody explain the router statistics and what's good and bad figures, please These are mine Connection Speed (Kbps)39999   10000Line Attenuation (dB)DS1:10.1    DS2:22.5    DS3:33.6  US0:3.5    US1:17.6    US2:26.2Noise Margin (dB)      DS1:2...

Resolved! Connection Dropping

Router stats say DS noise margin is 3.4dB.I was under the impression that it had to be a minimum of 6dB for a stable connection?I would upload a screen grab but I'm not allowed.Regards

How to configure Netgear Modem/Routers with NowTV

Follow instructions below to enable usage of Netgear modem/routers with NowTV. Officially unsupported by NowTV but you are not breaking T&Cs according to what I have read online.I have finally figured out how to do this after being with NowTV for mon...

Resolved! Slow Broadband - Book an engineer

I've signed up for fibre broadband with a minimum guaranteed speed of 32.5 Mbps, but I can't get above 9 Mbps regardless of the time of day.I completed the test in my account and got a message that an engineer needs to check a problem in the area, bu...

Resolved! Full Fibre Broadband

Does anyone know if NOW will be offering Full Fibre Broadband anytime soon (e.g download speeds in excess of 100mbs). It is available in my area from several other providers including SKY.

Unable to connect to 2.4ghz

Hi,I am no longer able to connect to the 2.4ghz network on the router (now hub 2).I've tried splitting the networks and factory reset. None of my devices are able to connect to that network, only the 5ghz one.This is a problem as I have a lot of 2.4g...

Lower than usual speeds

Hi, So after the widespread outage that happened on the 2nd of September my downstream speed went from 72Mbps to 58Mbps whilst the upstream speed remained the same at around 18Mbps.I know there is a system that kicks in and limit the speeds when it d...

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Engineer No show

Hoping someone will see this and be able to help. I have waited all day for my engineer visit. It is now 21:23 pm and nobody has arrived. I am incredibly stressed, upset and frustrated. This has been booked for weeks, in the process of starting a new...