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Setup & Performance


Resolved! Can I change the subtitle settings from laptop or phone?

Hi, I reset my NOWTV smart stick and now the subtitles size and fonts have changed as well with the reset. I can't access the settings on the firestick as the NOWTV homepage won't launch - there is a continuous loading sign on a black screen.  Can I ...

Alex01 by Mentor
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Resolved! 1st day live Dynamic line management question

Hi new to the community new to Now BB went live jan 13th at 12 mins past midnight everything went to plan well done Now. I realise it can take 10 days for line speed to settle so taking this into consideration but have a question reqaurds to this.  A...

Des147 by Mentor
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Twice engineer canceled on the day of go live

This has happened twice. I have been calling and the rude lady told me to wait again until midnight even though the engineer was meant to be at the house between 8am and 1pm every time this happens it's two more days before they have a reshedule. The...

Router Security

my router is blocking encrypted dns traffic     What does this mean How do I change.  Whats the best Security setting please 

New landline installation

I am hoping to sign up to Now Broadband, which includes a free landline and calls. I already have a landline, but the sign-up process says we need a new one and an engineer needs to visit. Can anyone please advise what this involves? Do they need to ...

Resolved! Can Now TV router be used as a wireless extender

I recently upraded to fibre and received the Now TV Hub Two. I still have my old hub and have tried to adjust settings to set this up as a wireless extender. New hub is the NR801 model and the old hub is the NR701. Is it actually possible to do what ...