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Setup & Performance


Activation / Billing

My account shows no Bill's.  I presume this is due to my broadband service not being recognised as being active on Now backend systems.I have three green lights on my router indicating I am getting service, and I am able to connect to my router using...

The flat next door can get a faster speed?

I've ordered Broadband for the flat I'm moving into shortly. I'm a bit annoyed that I'm stuck with the basic speed, especially having lived in a place where I could get fiber before. To add to my annoyance, it seems that the flat next door can get Su...

Please allow HD on iPad!

Hello NOW, How ahs this not been upgraded yet! Please allow boost HD on iPad's, this is a must! (pretty please) would be so beneficial. Many thanks in advance

LG tv

I have an LG tv, but on the now ap on the TV I can't see "my account" to start my membership. Can anyone help?  

Internet drops out all the time

So I had consistent issues with my broadband connection since installation on 6 December 2021 until now. We had a 9th engineer visit today on a particularly bad day for internet drop outs. He saw critical errors on his handheld machine, but after tes...


Just received my Now Hub 2 and I need a much longer DSL cable.  Could anyone tell me please what kind I would require as I think one that comes with router has 2 pins and most I am looking at have 4 pins. Would any RJ11 cable do? Thanks in advance

Continuously disconnecting from internet

Anyone else having issues with Broadband? Regularly disconnects but supposedly no 'issues' on the line. Tried to contact Nowtv but just get thrown to the forum or the VERY helpful bot. Router never seems to show any issues. However connection on all ...

Contact number

Please could someone provide me with the now broadband contact number. My broadband is simply awful and it needs fixing