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Setup & Performance


Resolved! How far in advance are go live dates?

Hi all, I'm looking at getting NOW TV for the first time for when I move into my new house in a few weeks time. Is anyone aware roughly how far in advance go live dates are when signing up? If they're usually within a week it would make sense for me ...

Broadband keeps dropping

Been with Now for over a year, the first few months I had no Internet what so ever once it was sorted it was fine! But recently it keeps dropping out, I've tried turning it on and off again. When it drops the light turns off the just comes back on to...

Resolved! Does my broadband live yes or no?

Hello, so i am little bit confused because on the icon shows that my broadband is live, but when you press it sais that its gonna be live on Jul 5 Screenshot: its not live how can i make it live by tommorow?


Hi, Does anyone know the optimum VLANID settings? I am using VLANID 101 and priority of 2. Just wondering what priority other users use. Thanks.

No internet connection

Today is my activation day (switching from Plusnet). The internet was turned of just after midnight, and as of now, over 22hrs later, I still have no internet. My wife has had to tether from her phone all day, as she is currently working from home. I...

How do I order a microfilter for phone line?

Hi, my phone line hasn't been working for months. It rings out but not in. Searching through nowtv help I've discovered that we don't have a microfilter, one was never installed. How do I order one? Presumably and engineer should come and fix this? T...