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Setup & Performance


Internet drops during video uploads (Hub2)

So, for 6 months I've had the NowTV Hub2 and before that I had the equivalent Sky Hub (exactly the same style - different badge). I've had the following issue on both devices but I just never got it sorted. Basically, when I'm uploading videos (I wor...

NOWTV Hub 2 settings.

Anybody else having problems changing the settings on their NOWTV Hub? As soon as I try to make any changes to the settings, such as, deselecting 'Enable Wireless Access Point' or 'Synchronise 2.4GHz and 5GHz Settings' or even 'setting a new password...

Own Modem / Router

Hi All,  Ok, so I'm relatively new to NOWTV's broadband and so far so good. HOWEVER... The plug and play router that comes as standard is pretty poor. I'm looking at buying my own TP Link Archer. Now please bare in mind, I'm not tech savy. All I want...

Mobile Android wifi connect, no internet

Hi, trying to get the internet on mobile android phone wifi working.I've read the previous posts suggesting disabling "Enable IPv6 on LAN side" on the hub, last night it seemed to do the trick, but today it's again the same issue. Wifi connects on mo...

Remove a device

Hi please help some how someone is using my now TV account I've just reset my password and thought it would kick everyone off, it hasn't and I currently can't access my now TV.  What can I do to get this person off my account thanks in advance

Connecting NAS to Hub2

I've been trying to connect my USB hard drive to hub2 using my old router, without success. So my question is can anyone advise me if there is anything that works well with NOWTV hub2?I've been looking at this and wonder if it might work or be the sa...