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Setup & Performance



I have been waiting from 1-6 for an engineer and took a days holiday and no one showed up. It has taken over three weeks to get NOWTV Broadband. I run a business and this is very difficult to work. nowtv have already delayed it by 4 days and now no o...

Network question

Hello, a humble appeal for help.We’re coming to the end of an 18 month deal with TalkTalk, and the price is about to rocket, so I’m thinking of moving to Now Broadband with anytime calls.We live in a strangely configured old house with thick walls, a...

internet keeps going down

I am in Birmingham the last 3 days it has constantly goes down making it impossible to do anything its ridiculous, will be going back to sky at end of contract. 

dj by Advocate
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Still no internet after engineer visit

A engineer visited and installed nowtv hub at my property, and confirming that the broadband would work before the midnight. However, when I wake up this morning and test the line, nothing happens. The internet still cannot be accessed. The broadband...