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Setup & Performance


Recurring broadband issues

Hi, Since moving into a new home and setting up with NOW for broadband I am experiencing frequent loss of connection. Usually happens a couple of times a day, where the router will go offline (not power off, just lose internet connection). Most times...

Broadband issues

Hi  I’m experiencing a real issue with my Broadband at the moment, this appears to be a fairly new problem as it has previously worked fine. I’ve gone through the technical checks twice and there doesn’t appear to be any issues on NOWs end. My partne...

is this Line Attenuation within limit?

Internet speed has dropped over 10% recently, and DS1 looks fine but unsure if DS2/3 matters at all as they seem high? Line Attenuation (dB)DS1:21.1    DS2:56.5    DS3:86.8US0:4.7    US1:46.6    US2:61.6Noise Margin (dB)DS1:4.6    DS2:4.6    DS3:0.0U...

Phone line not working

Hi,My broadband is working fine but my telephone line is not. When I ring the landline it gives an engaged tone. When I pick up the phone there is no dialtone, but a hissing/buzzing sound. Could someone suggest a way that I can get this fixed?Thanks,

Emily by Advocate
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Compatible Router

My Now router has arrived but it doesn't have enough ports on the back (only 2 and no USB). Customer services suggest I buy a new router "from the Poundshop" (Huh?)  "Poundshop" aside, is there anything I need to consider before buying a new router -...

Just joined a few days ago

Hi  Joined now BB a few days ago from bt, service has dropped a few times , speed slower than has been written as guarantee tried all the advice split to diff GHz and wired etc , still below promise of 35 meg can I leave without charge in cooling off...

Is there anyway to redirect ports?

I have had my NowTV Two router for two years now and have had no issues with port forwarding on the router before. However, I wanted to now redirect a port and couldn't find any way to do so. I wanted to redirect port 80 to 1880 on one of my home ser...

Custom Dynamic DNS

Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to add a custom Dynamic DNS to the Hub 2? I have a particular Dynamic DNS service I want to use, but can't see a way to add their details on to the Hub. It's an NR801 (FW:2.90.2473.R) Cheers J 

Unreliable broadband speeds.

Can anybody explain this please. I did a broadband speedtest and got a download speed of about 30 Mbps. (not too bad, but half of what I actually signed up for). I then watched a few YouTube videos, and after an hour or so noticed there was some buff...