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Setup & Performance


How to give printer static IP address?

I have a printer which is connected by Ethernet port.  When I turn on the printer, it has some default IP address (not on my network). I can't print documents, as it says printer is off-line. I have to unplug the printer network cable from the router...

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Activation Date Error?

Hi guys, When ordering my NOW broadband, I selected the 2nd March for the activation date. When my package arrives it now states the 7th? Does anyone know why this is? 

Resolved! Broadband pants

So after signing up to Now in October and eventually getting broadband in January (13 weeks I think of no broadband) it's now slower than ever. I can't seem to actually get to contact anyone and the line test doesn't start. I'm sat at 1.2mbps downloa...

NOW TV Broadband Firewalls

I have just switched to NOW TV Broadband and have a Home Server the hold my photos, music, tv shows and movies. However I could only access these files if I disabled the Public Firewall on my home server.  Is this safe?  The Domain and Private ones a...


Trying to connect a TP Link 5 port Gbit Ethernet switch(TL-SG1005G) to one of the ports of the router. The switch has my alarm and cctv connections connected to one port on the router  and other port on the router is taken by my Hive heating hub. But...

Can't connect to my firestick

I previously had Sky broadband and was using an a,Aron firestick in my tv. Since I've switched to nowtv broadband I can't connect my firestick. It connected to my Amazon prime and Netflix no problem, but won't connect to the firestick. Any suggestion...

web request logging

In short I made SORN application on DVLA website that appears to not have registered so I want to see the requests made by my browser on at given data/time. I called NowTV who told me "we cannot access that information"  but was unable to get the age...