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Setup & Performance


No Phone Line, No Broadband.

We had just a phone line with BT. We decided we wanted Broadband. And selected Now. We ordered 17th February. We opted to keep phone number and move that to Now and get Broadband with Now. Equipment arrived, told activation with Now 3rd March. BT als...

Replace Router

Hi All, I've recently moved to now broadband and I was very disappointed to learn that the router only comes with 2 ethernet ports. I have the following wired connections: Direct PC connectionNAS ConnectionApple TV connection - POE switch to CCTVI'd ...

New broadband - no internet help

Hello,  New broadband was supposed to be up and running by midnight last night. I’ve come home from work today to find no internet. Have done the troubleshooting a couple of times, and reset the box. Power and wireless lights are solid green, but eit...

Can't see the network printer

Hello all.  Have recently switched to a NOW TV Hub Two.  While everything else has connected perfectly, I am having issues with the printer.  I have a Brother HL-3140CW and I've managed to connect it to the modem via WPS.  However, when I then try to...

No broadband Devon TQ9

My broadband has been cutting in and out for a week or so and progressively getting worse.Literally like someone is switching it on and off. I have tried resetting a number of times. Now it is totally unusable and I am having to tether off my phone. 

Phone number

I am unable to find my phone number - I have checked all my welcome messages and it isn’t in any of these?