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Setup & Performance


No internet after engineer visit

Hello, I recently moved home and in my new apartment that I moved an engineer had to come to fix the line. He came today but I am still not getting any internet but I have the wireless led green (no internet led) could you please let me know how can ...

Resolved! DTMF dial tones do not work (press 1 for X, 2 for Y etc)

Hi FolksI cannot find a specific group for telephone issues so please feel free to redirect me if necessary. The problem I have is that the DTMF(?) dial tones do not work, when you are on a call and get the options press 1 for this dept, 2 for that d...

Nev by Advocate
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Slow download speed on Launchers

I download games on Steam and Origin some times later at jnight sometimes during the day and I get no change in internet speeds. I have the Super Fibre option but I only really get download speeds of 9Mb/s. I've looked at contacting now but because t...

Kai by Advocate
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Internet is down

My internet connection has been down since Wednesday morning. The light for internet is not on at all. I have tried rebooting the wifi box etc. Still no luck! Please help! I work from home and completely rely on the wifi. 

No internet light

I have switched on my new broadband hub and it’s not showing the internet light.. my account went live yesterday, have unswitched it many times now and still not working