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Setup & Performance


Robovac won't connect to router

I have a muzil robovac which will not connect to my Now Router Two. It worked fine on my previous talktalk router. The router's ssid is public, and I am connecting to the 2.4G band.  Can I add the machine's MAC address to the router? 

Broadband hub delivery

My broadband is due to go live today, however i have still not received my router. When i have checked the "orders" section of my account the delivery has a green tick next to it. I have tried to call Now and once i explained the issue to the adviser...

Internet Down

Hi, my Internet has been patchy since I joined Now TV. Honestly the worst broadband I have ever had. Constantly drops out and have never seen a broadband fluctuate in speed as much as Now TV does.  Now the Internet doesn't even work. Have been at it ...

NowTv Router Manage Connected Devices

A few months ago I was able to log in to Router Advanced Settings and see all connected devices, curent and historic.  For each device I was able to apply access control time limits, specifying a time range for each day of the week.  This meant I cou...

Cancel engineer

Hello, I made an appointment for an engineer to visit tomorrow to fix my broadband. It is now working and would like to cancel the appointment, but the call center is closed. Thanks,James.

How to setup third party router with NowTV

Hi there, I wanted to write a guide to take you through the steps I took to setup my TP Link Archer C9 which has custom firmware DD-WRT on it and I use a BT Openreach V2FUb/r modem. It's pretty easy. Plug your nowTV Hub Two in as usual (internet conn...