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Setup & Performance


Broadband not as expected

My broadband went live 1st August. Status page still says it's not live but it works.Terrible signal. Not getting half the speed guaranteed.Do now supply extra hubs to boost around the house? Or how do I cancel as still within 14 days. 

Resolved! Broadband Frequently Disconnecting

My Broadband has been excellent since I joined NOW a few years ago, but since March there has been a number of times when it has been disconnecting at a rate of between once a fortnight and once a day or more. The only thing I can do to turn off the ...

Home Move Automatic Cancellation

Hi,A week ago, I requested a home move from NOW Broadband, thought it would be a simple process but, no.2 moves have been cancelled 'by a third party provider' but NOW do not know who this is, nor why they're cancelling my order. The place I'm moving...

Resolved! Epsom printer

Hi I just got a new Epsom xp2155 printer, everything is installed but I can’t find it over the wifi and it won’t printI’ve worked through troubleshooting and still drawing a blank, I think it’s the wifi blocking it? 


We can make calls out on our home phone, but have just figured out we aren't receiving any calls in ( most people ring our mobiles but we just realsied that we have missed some calls from people in our phone book). Phoning NOW Help, doesn't give any ...

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set up issues

having issues getting set up. was supposed to go live 25.7 delayed until 8.8 but got solid Amber light. openreach been out but apparently there's a fault and a patch needed? now going to be at least 2 weeks late.. anyone else in the same boat?