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Setup & Performance



I have a hub 2 and trying to set up my new cctv system. The router doesn't seem to be seeing my net gear POE box. I've tried with other wires and the same issue. I've looked on the router settings and can't find anything either. Is the Hub2 not compa...

Intermittent broadband

I have had now tv broadband for nearly two years, during that time it has been reliable. Recently the connection has become intermittent, not as the advisors at now say a wireless intermittency, but a loss of connection at the router which is shown b...

Outage Wakefield?

Anyone any idea of an outage in Wakefield? All I get on my account is ‘this customer has an outage’ and no help from the phone lines pointing me here. absolute garbage.

Now tv on PlayStation

Hi When ever I want to turn my PLAYSTATION controller off when watching now TV, it takes me back to the menu and stops what I’m streaming. I had this issue on the ps4 and now again in the ps5. I have to leave my controller on and it’s always dying be...

Resolved! Broadband 'buddy'

I want to change or stop the Broadband Buddy setting and the Enquiry sections do not help.I cannot access my chosen hobby section on 'Shooting & supplies' because of it. 

Broadband Speed Drops and Very slow

my broadband speed is supposed to be at least 60 (download) and whenever I check internet speed its about 20 download speed and a lot of the times it just does not work at all. and i've tried all the steps for making the broadband better and still no...