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Setup & Performance


Now tv buddy

Won’t let me block anything it keeps saying - well that didn’t go to plan -? Been doing this for 25mins!!!!

NOW Broadband not available in my area

I am looking to change my broadband over and found NOW deals the other day and was able to go through to the payment part but wanted to wait so it was closer to my end date of existing broadband.When I check my coverage now, it says it's unavailable ...

Need to speak to a human being, have line fault

The help section on Now does not seem to cater for land line faults at all, then when you try to report the fault there is not an option? Can't find any way of speaking to a human being on this site at all, only other upset customers! What a disgrace...

VPN not working

Hi folks.We use a VPN to access banking, work and studying. None of the VPNs will connect. This is not an issue about accessing things like Netflix, the actual extension will not connect.We have only just started with NOW Broadband and the extensions...