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Setup & Performance



i have just purchased the broad band from now tv, the support trying to contact any one is so bad this is the only thing it would allow me to do, im getting 18mps and i cant even use it in any other room other than the lounge where the box is can any...

Connected without internet!

It's 24 hours after activation date and our router is still saying 'connected without internet'Everything appears to be plugged in and connected correctly but still no joy. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Customer service so unhelpful. Beyond frust...

FayeG by Newbie
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Resolved! Slower than before?

Hey all When we moved into the new house we still used the broadband of the seller for a few days... We got pretty great FTTC speeds of 70 down and 19.5 up on their Talktalk connection (wired of course). Then we chose our own provider and I went for...

5 minutes with Now TV broadband and unhappy

Good morning I have just moved my broadband to Now TV and I have lost 20% of my speed overnight.  I am about 200m from a fibre cabinet and am always synchronising at 80 down and 20 up with a net speed of up to 76mb/s and an upload of 19mb/s. My now T...

Resolved! Higher Sync Rate but Ping is worse?

Hi all, I tried a few setups and VDSL cables (e.g., from Tandy) over the last few months since joining Now Broadband... But somehow I always synced at around 67000... This usually gave me download speeds of 62-65 Mbit/s (depending on how it was measu...

Parental pin

Hi I have a problem with Parental Pin Reset. Basically we changed Pin and forgot what we changed for. Wanted to reset it and I should receive a pass code on email but never got one. Tried few times no luck. Thanks

Milek80 by Advocate
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Resolved! Main bt call/broadband socket not working

My broadband was working fine until i moved the box while rearranging the furniture a few hours ago. Since then ive done nothing but follow all the usual steps, googled loads of different numbers with no hope. Im getting two green lights but no green...

Dawn by Advocate
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