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Setup & Performance


Scaffolding on my main line

Hi im new to this. My next door neighbours are building a new home and where they are building it is my telephone line. There building a 3 storey high building and every week are pulling my line higher and higher, some parts hung on scaffolding and d...

WiFi Coverage

WiFi is good in our living room (near the router) and in the master bedroom above, but not so good, or very poor, in all other rooms. What do I need to do to get better WiFi signal strength in all rooms in my home? It is only a small 3-bedroom modern...

Fake downstream on the hub admin page?

Hi, I've been with Now broadband for a year and during that time the download speed seems to have fluctuated wildly, as would normally be expected, at different times of the day. During that time, every time I have checked, the admin screen of my mod...

Resolved! LG TV does not connect to WiFi

After months of working fine, my LG TV lost the connection to the router. It now finds my router but doesn't accept my password and keeps telling me to retry entering it. I have been trying for several weeks.I have recycled the TV and the router, lea...

No internet, in the Bath area

Hello,There seems to be an outage around the Bath area (postcode BA1) as we have had no internet since last night. The technical check gives varying messages every time I look which don't explain what's going on, and sometimes it asks me to call a nu...

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Resolved! Connection dropping over last two weeks

Hi. Over the last two weeks the connection has been dropping periodically throughout the day. All tests say that the problem is in my house - nothing has changed in the cabling since original install but have unplugged everything etc. Switching the r...