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Setup & Performance


Internet Issues Again

Started last week (24/11) randomly, internet dropped out completely for about 30 minutes. It was around midnight so I simply went to bed and ignored it.Next day (25/11) trying to work from home, and mid morning my internet speeds dropped down to arou...

Internet keeps dropping

Ever since I got nowTV broadband, it has always dropped the internet for a few minutes whenever it starts raining. It's uncanny, literally the moment it starts raining, the internet drops for a few minutes every time.This is poor form from nowTV, but...

Hi. I need help setting up my Asus AC86U modem

Hi. I have recently signed up with NowTV broadband and I have an Asus AC86U modem. I installed merlin firmware on it but cannot seem to get it to work! I put the mac address in followed by @Nowtv|mypasswordinto the Option61 dhcp box. Anyone know wher...


My Wi-Fi has been cuttig off for the past 2 month… it’s very frustrating and tbh I signed up because I was told it’s the “best” network. Well that was clearly not the case!! Not a happy customer, been with you for a while 

Wifi keeps dropping, asking to sign in

Got broadband a month ago, it had been working fine until a few days ago, where it keeps cutting off and saying 'connected but no internet', 'sign in to network'. It will then connect fine after a couple mins then drop again. Very infuriating! I've c...

Wifi not working

The wifi isn’t working suddenly and it keeps saying that the connection has dropped and we are unable to fix it


Is it possible to change the password for broadband rather than using one printed on your box or can I put a block on an Xbox child hacked my password  need to either change password or block his Xbox Any help please 

issue with accepting cookies

hi guys.just signed up to now TV, however having issues with my device. I got the now tv app on my Samsung smart tv however it won't let me accept cookies when asked to do so....ANY IDEASTHANKS....

Broadband not working as it was previously

We have purchased a ring doorbell and for the last month it has been working fine. Now not working and when we purchased now broadband last year we had to buy an extender to get Wi-Fi in another room of the property. The door bell is at the other end...