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Setup & Performance


broadband was supposed to go live yesterday

HiMy activation date was supposed to be yesterday (dec 7) and my line hasn't gone live yet. Checked the track my order page and it even says the line isn't live yet. Also unplugged everything and pressed the reset button etc. The power and wireless l...

Resolved! Router update

Hi, my router model NR801 has two ethernet ports. I use both and now need another. Am I due an upgrade with 3+ ethernet ports?


My broadband was supposed to arrive yesterday, I doubt it will arrive today as its lye in the day. Its impossible to get in touch with advisors. I tried to follow the tracking link they gave me for Royal Mail but now its not working. I havent recurve...

CJ03 by Advocate
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CCTV DVR access

Hi.I have recently changed from Talktalk to Nowtv broadband and phone.Everything is working OK, except I cannot access my CCTV DVR on a remote viewer, either on my PC, or my Android tablet, these worked fine before I changed to the Nowtv2 router.In t...

Enable DHCP on router for cctv system

Hi - I have recently moved to Nowtv fron Talktalk and cannot now view my CCTV cameras on my phone. Camera tech say i need to have DHCP ebabled on my router!So after over an hour on phone to tech help at Nowtv - no furtherCan anyone help or explain ho...

phone line not making or recieving calld

the title reads my phone line wont make or receive calls, when i call out its engaged and if anyone calls it say the service is temporarily unavailable. the service checker says everything is ok

belva by Advocate
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New Samsung TV

HiPurchased a new Samsung TV. I noticed NOW already available to wanted to sign into the TV/device. However, all I see if a 'Join with QR Code' which redirects you to using QR or visiting the page manually = same result.)How...