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Setup & Performance


fix my internet speed.

Absolutely not possible to use get in touch feature, thats why writing here.You might say that I have agreed with terms and conditions, because nobody reads a contract. But when i was paying for a new contract with this company, average speed in my a...

Delayed activation for nearly a month now

My wifi activation was originally the 15th of November, this was delayed for a week, every week - it's now the 12th December and I've stopped receiving any updates via text. I have called NOW when I can to ask what is going on but nobody can tell me ...

Phone camera app not working.

Since moving over to ‘Now’ as my new internet provider my phone camera app doesn’t work. The DVR is connected directly to the router and confirms that the connection is good yet the DVR says it’s offline! Nothing has changed to the camera system so I...

Fazza by Advocate
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Wifi range inexistent

Hi,I signed up recently with NowTV. The wifi doesn’t reach 4m away with no obstacles more tan a couple of thin walls. Wifi only really works in the room where the router is. I have tried splitting 2.4 and 5 and nothing changes.I wouldn’t like an exte...

Bea by Advocate
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Failure to connect to xbox live

From Friday (9th of Dec) I have been unable to connect to xbox live. I have been through all the xbox forums and the only thing that resolves the issue is to access xbox live using an alternative wifi connection from another provider. please could so...

Zog by Advocate
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Resolved! Upgraded broadband down upon activation

Just posting to see if anyone else has had a similar problem. I signed up to Brilliant Broadband in September since that was all I could apparently get, and it worked just fine. Recently I checked and was told I could get Super Fibre, so naturally I ...

No broadband 3 days

I’ve had no internet connection for 3 days, was told on Thursday there’s an outage and it’ll be fixed within 24 hrs but still nothing

Cannot find my 2GHz line.

I have a device that is only compatible with 2.4GHz and mine is 5GHz. But as far as i understand all the new routers have both. However I cannot see my 2.4GHz connection. what do I do?