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Setup & Performance


now hub 2 wifi area

HiI got my Now hub 2 after 2 weeks since I have one BT channel in my home (in the kitchen)  I don't have Wifi in another location (upstairs) in my home 

Problems connecting Smart LED Lights

Firstly my router and service works well, the routers 'reach' hasnt always been great so I installed an eero mesh network to sort my coverage which bridges across from the NowTV router (I switched off the wifi on  the NowTV router and rely on the eer...

RM62810 by Advocate
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WiFi doesn’t stay connected

This WiFi is appalling! It has been since I had it. In the past hour it has kicked me off about 20 times (even when I’m right next to the router!) how can I resolve this?

P100 by Advocate
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Speeds again insanely rubbish

we are on fttc, we were getting 50meg+ on each of the two lines in to the house, today we are getting less than 10 meg between the two, how do I report slow speeds when you technical "checks" only pop up "nowtv is fine" well maybe we could be the jud...

pod by Mentor
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Intermittent broadband all day

All day today our broadband has been dropping out. It's probably been down 10 times for around 10 minutes each time. When I have tried to phone to report it, I just get a message saying unexpectedly high call volumes and not giving me a number to cal...

Internet borke down for 6 whole days

I have to cancel this even i have to pay early cancellation charge.The internet was never stable, i don't blame the speed but I cannot even load a normal youtube video with 720p.The network has been broken down for 6 whole days. No one can tell me wh...

Broadband issues

Live in Colchester and my hub works apart from the actual internet connection, went on service status, couldnt detect my hub, cos i booked an engineer, will someone see whats wrong today?