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Setup & Performance


New customer Speed Issues

Hi, I'm a new customer and I set up my Hub 2 yesterday.  It was all straightforward however, when streaming (Netflix and Disney) last night I noticed regular and frequent drops in stream quality.  Further investigation showed that when another device...

Sonics60 by Advocate
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Router range

I've just changed from Vodafone to Now Broadband. The router range is appalling.  We have a standard 3bed house and it barely reaches upstairs. Vodafone was crap in as much as it was intermittent but at least the router reached the whole house. And i...

Xiolive by Mentor
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Having trouble with my WiFi dropping out never had an issue before but the past 6 months maybe longer its drops out and takes forever to add back on I also have a booster box in my room that is fine other electrical goods work perfectly and on the no...

Dcboon1 by Advocate
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Just a week after my last complaint

I wrote a complain last week 24.5.22 and here I am a week after again because my internet dropped again. I don’t live anywhere near the area of Hampshire or Havant (where they say there’s works going on) and yet my internet is down! It’s literally ev...

JB by Mentor
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Why am I waiting for install?

Himy flatmate moved out and the WiFi was in her name so she cancelled it. I’ve tried to sign up in my name and it’s saying I’ve got to wait for an engineer to come and set the WiFi up? We already have a hub in place and a working line to the property...

Cookieb by Advocate
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Outages Wrexham

Broadband has been down in Wrexham since around midday on May 29th 2022. can anyone confirm what the problem is please and how likely will it be before service is working again?

MooMoo by Advocate
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Broadband out for 24hours

What's up with the broadband? Recorded message states engineers are trying to fix the problem. The Nationwide bank is also experiencing problems with transfers again. I hope it's not a Russian cyber attack.

Regular unexplained dropping of the service

3 weeks ago my internet service has started dropping. It isn't a wifi issue because I have ethernet cables from the router to my desktop PC and my sky Q box. It started three weeks ago after 12 months uninterrupted faultless service and is now becomi...

uglyman by Advocate
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