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Setup & Performance


unavailable flat

I am looking to get broadband in my flat, however, it tells me that its unavailable in my individual flat, but available in the rest of the building. Any idea why this is and how I can sort it out? 

Question by Advocate
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Resolved! Work VPN refusing to connect

I am unable to connect to my work VPN. The IT guys have looked at it on my end and have suggested everything on my laptop is set up perfectly. They say its probably down to my broadband provider changing something as they have had this a lot. The mes...

Weak router

Hallo! I received my router last week and connected on Thursday. I’ve noticed however that the signal around the house is much weaker than my previous router from plusnet. Is this normal?if so how many I improve the signal, are there setting to chang...

Question on adding router

Since the now hub 2 router just got 2 LAN ports only and I am planning to add one more NAS to my home network.  I also wanna set up VPN if I can add my own router so it's much more easier to stream for netflix or so on.Just wanna ask if anyone tried ...

RD9394 by Mentor
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Resolved! Reducing broadband speed

My broadband download speed using FTTC over the last 3 years has been very consistent at 37-39Mbps. Since April is has declined by up to 50% and is now only around 20-22Mbps. NOW say that the line test shows exactly 40 every time they test it. That i...

Pentris by Mentor
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Set up

Our box is supposed to be installed on the 14 th july but we moved into the house and there is already a box here from previous tenants. Does anyone know if I can contact nowtv to deactivate this box so it’s done quicker

Erin098 by Advocate
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Provider Installation Problem

My broadband has been terminated, but within two days contact your company to re-join the new plan. I don't need to install anything, just reconnect. I don't understand that there is a problem with the provider's installation, what does it have to do...

Ruby1 by Advocate
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