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Setup & Performance


Limited Installation Dates

I am looking to move to NOW TV WiFi in mid-July but am only offered 8 installation engineer visit dates, all of which I am at work for (I cannot work from home). Will more dates become available later on or do I have to call to request a specific dat...

gagrobs by Advocate
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Phone states connected without Internet

3 Green lights showing on now tv box with intermittent red light. Phone requests sign in but returns a message stating connected without Internet. Have pressed the reset button and also switched off box at mains.Problem continues 

Jillj by Newbie
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High Ping with ethernet cable

Hi, So tried to do a bit of pc gaming today, my pc is setup on ethernet but despite the wifi working fine my ping is sitting between 40-65ms which for a wired connection is very poor. Opponents in my games are jittering and lagging across my screen, ...

dd11111 by Newbie
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switching from vodafone business to now

Spoiler  Hi, iam already registered on Now broadband, i want to switch here  from vodafone, do i need to cancel vodafone contract before, or Now will contact vodafone in my behalf? Its ghard to find any info about that, Now chat bot is not usefull, n...

tak by Advocate
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Questions about upgrading to VDSL

I would like to upgrade my broadband to fibre, but I have a few questions first:1) I am on Brilliant Broadband, and would like to upgrade to Fab Fibre. I can however not see a price per month for this. Does anyone know how much it is in total per mon...