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Setup & Performance


Cant buy Broadband, update mobile number, error

Hi, trying to buy broadband (going through topcashback but i tried without and get the same) when i get to step 4 i think its asks me to update my mobile number, when i do it says "oops something went wrong" and ring them. I rang them and they were t...

ChuckMeh by Advocate
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Broadband connection

Hi,I am trying to connect to my new NOW HUB 2 since yesterday. But am unable to do so because whenever I try to sign in it says *your connection has been dropped* and asks me to fix some wires. Even after doing it for 100 times the same problem is de...

Resolved! Keeping existing landline number

I am currently a now tv streaming tv member. I am looking to add broadband and land line services to my account, the service is currently with plusnet, which apparently Now can deal with changing over for me I have read that I have to confirm I wish ...

PsiFox by Advocate
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Resolved! Newbie, says my 2 devices are too many

I've just signed up to Skysports with BT.  but can't watch anything on my PC as it says too many devices but I've only tried 2.I only have the btbox for the tv and the pc I'm on now. The help mentions there is an order to do things if you have it wit...

Jesper by Advocate
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Phone line problem - dialling out and receiving in

My phone line is making the correct dial tone when I pick it up but if I dial a number a prolonged beep sounds and does not connect to the other line.I have tried numerous numbers (and made sure they were correct) Also when someone dials in they are ...

hwill72 by Mentor
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Hi I'm trying to find out who is actively using my broadband. I'm probably going to change the password but I'm sure there is some way to see what devices are using it before I change it. 

Resolved! Using prime video on android

We've recently moved to Now Tv for our broadband and now primevideo isn't working on android devices.  If I connect to my mobile data is works fine so must be to do with nowtv. The error I get is error code PLR_PRS_CALL_FAILED I've tried clearing the...