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Setup & Performance


No internet

Has anyone else got issues with their broadband in the Liverpool L25 area, upon contacting Nowtv we were told its an issue with the exchange so its openreach's problem not nowtv. No help at all when contacting them the phone was disconnected twice. D...

Slow download speed

Hi, we recently moved to NOW TV from Sky and ever since have has intermittent slowing issues of the broadband. When I run a diagnostic test there are no errors however we only achieve around 5-10 bps download when I run speed tests and pay for super ...

Hodge37 by Newbie
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Lying about download speeds

Hi all.I've had Now Super Fibre for a few months now, and this problem has persisted.Across EVERY independent check of connection speeds I have 28 to 34 mb/s download speed and an upload that is more or less exactly what I pay for. However, my guaran...

Resolved! Slow broadband, not covering the whole flat

Set up Now Broadband over a year now, still not able to solve the broadband coverage of the flat. And slow speed even on superFiber contract. The average download speed is 8.62Mbps, 7.84Mbps for upload. It’s impossible for WFH. The strongest signal o...

Ae by Newbie
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Access to a website blocked by Broadband Buddy

I have been trying to work on a clients website from home and have discovered that if the Broadband Buddy is enabled, then I get timeouts from 2 sites: the...

No internet for 5 days now

This is great, is anyone doing anything about it?! 5 DAYS. The solution given by helpline is to TAKE A DAY OFF WORK so engineer can tell me that everything is okay on my side. I'm an IT guy myself, it was working for over a year but they say check th...

Rafuman by Mentor
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Broadband Set up Kit

I made an order on 10-Jul.  I got the email to state the go live date is 20-Jul.  However, I didn't get the combo kit from NOW.  What can I do now?  Who should I ask for help?

EnzoLAI by Newbie
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Internet dropped

I live in Islington in London. Suddenly my internet is not working, I tried following the instructions at nowtv website, but it didn’t work. I have three lights on my router and the middle one is amber. When I checked the status it was red and said n...

Muna by Newbie
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