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Setup & Performance


Poor speed and disconnections

Over recent months, most recently over weekend 28/29 Jan I have been experiencing poor daytime line speeds and regular disconnections. I could sort of understand it if this was evenings when may users, but it usually isn't. On checking the line all i...

Paul70 by Advocate
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Super Fibre poor connection and reach

Hi - we switched to super Fibre last year to improve speeds for working from home.  It has been perfect on our laptops and has definitely improved speeds, but it seems to have created very poor connection on our phones, creating more dead-zones and d...

Landline calls

switched to NowTV a month or so ago and want to know how to transfer landline calls to a mobile number. 

Intermittent Connectivity

Hi, hoping someone can help please!My broadband is cutting out intermittently, usually every 30 minutes but sometimes every 10 minutes or so. The router/wifi/LAN stays on, and no lights change or switch off, but the internet cuts out for a few second...