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Setup & Performance


Activation date - No Engineer, what is needed?

Hi All,Signed up for Now Broadband (Previously with SKY) and great news there's no need for an engineer - So why does it take so long for the activation date?As I understand they both use the same network, so what needs changing and can I get it any ...

Bobysk8 by Advocate
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What do i need set up in my house to install box?

Hi, i have two boxes on the wall in my house one is a box with a power cable socket, a Ethernet socket and a wire that leads to the outside of the house.The second is just a standard telephone socket I have no wires that go with these (including the ...

TomWills by Advocate
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Delay wifi

I’ve recieved a text saying my installation will be delayed but my online account still says it’s on track. I work from home and CANNOT go another day without wifi. 

Elisa1 by Newbie
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Resolved! Hub Wi-fi signal has weakened

In last 2 or 3 weeks our TV no longer connects to Wi-fi and the wi-fi signals on our phones has weakened when we are in our living room about 30-35 feet from the hub which has a wired connection to our pc. For months our TV has been fine and our phon...

Eddie2 by Mentor
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Tv frozen

Hi everyone, my tv screen is stuck on sky store and i’ve tried pressing multiple buttons and nothing has worked, the only button I can use are my power button and volume. Does anyone know how i can unfreeze this and get back to my main page? Thank yo...

Lily2 by Newbie
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Having minor problems with the ethernet

I have been having issues connecting through ethernet cables since switching to nowtv, when the computer wakes from sleep or sometimes when first started up it wont connect. However there are no problems with the WIFI connectionsIf I reset the connec...

Pairing device

Hi all When i try to sign in on smart tv/ console it gives me the link ''. When i click on this link it refers me to choose my membership, ive already signed in. How else can i pair?

goku100 by Newbie
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Dead ethernet port lan1

Hi had an unexpected power cut this morning whilst asleep. Now lan1 on the router is dead. Lan2 working fine. Is there a simple easy way to get a replacement router at all? Thanks

ceiron1 by Advocate
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