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Setup & Performance


Slow internet upstairs

My internet is bad upstairs, downstairs is fine but as soon as we get upstairs to starts to lose connection. I have the fibre plan and was wondering if any boosters might help

Tommy by Advocate
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White screen on Samsung tv

I have a Now stick for Samsung TV. When I boot up the Now platform it is fine for a couple of seconds and then the screen goes white. It isn’t completely opaque though, you can still faintly see the picture as if looking through a thick fog. It seems...

Problem with installing broadband

When the package arrived, I connected the router to the network, without waiting to get activation the internet . The Internet activation date has passed but there is still no internet connection. What to do in such a situation.

Rennix by Advocate
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New hub password not working

I just got my new hub, all set up correctly with 3 green lights but when I try to connect to it it keeps saying wrong password even though I have it out the box… when I try to contact NOW it just cuts me off even though I sent pics as requested

EAN by Advocate
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NOWtv Hub two

Hi I have had this broadband hub for a number 8f years now, moved house once with it, maybe twice,  it keeps cutting of , its getting worse these days, all I have is amazon stick,  and my mobile using WiFi,  I need help, and can't get any help from W...

Broadband off

I called in at 3pm with no broadband and all the advisor said is issue in local area gave no ETA or any information at all. 

EDENACE by Advocate
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Broadband Issues

3 people in a shared flat - Wifi/broadband has been working & sufficient for 18 months with one person working from home. WHF tenant moved out and was replaced with somebody else who WFH. When the tenant is WFH, I cannot have a zoom call, I can use b...

Resolved! AUTOPLAY

AUTOPLAY has started via my Firestick!!!! Hasn't took long has it?