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Setup & Performance


failed activation broadband date

Hello,Was wondering if anybody else had experienced a very frustrating missed activation date issue.My broadband was supposed to take over my Sky broadband yesterday (11th April)  - it never happened!!! I called NowTv and they have said to me that an...

djnw86 by Newbie
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Will the engineer give me a call before coming to set my broadband up? And should I plug in my Wi-Fi ready for the engineer because I’ve already got a openreach master socket?

rowan by Advocate
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I upgraded from brilliant broadband to super fibre and the change was supposed to go active on the 6th April, however it still hasn’t changed yet and i’m still getting 8mbs instead of 60mbs. Can someone please tell me why it hasn’t upgraded yet. the ...

liv2 by Advocate
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Resolved! My xbox xs

My nowtv broadband keep logging me out off my xbox xs game/ freeze  and when I test  my remote test it comes up with network type: wireless interference on your home network might get in the way of playing remotely  Everything else is OK has any got ...

Patrick by Advocate
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I have the router in the living room and I barely have signal in my room which is 5 meters maximum away. What should I do?

Tsik by Newbie
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Resolved! Third Party Router Set Up

I have just bought a TP Link TD W9970 replacement router and would like some help in the set up.On the set up screen I am being asked for the username and password. I have tried the NOW router details but this does not appear to have worked. I unders...