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Setup & Performance



What is the process of cancellation under the 14-day cooling-off period? I have received the installation but only get 2MB download speed, which is a far cry from the advertised 64MB. Upload speed is no better. I was attracted by the cheap price but ...

Manu40 by Mentor
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skip engineering test

Hi there,I received the NOW hub and connected to the internet, all working great so I was wondering if I can skip the engineering test and visit (since I dont need it) and mainly I'm not often home so it's almost impossible to find a suitable time. A...

ivano by Advocate
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Very Slow Broadband Speed (again)

I have been having an on off issue with my internet lately. The setup is basic - I mainly just use Ethernet to a PC. Used to always get 40bmps, but last 3 days it's been back down to 14mbps. The router and Now support checks show the router is receiv...

why is my actual download speed so slow???

I ordered super fast fiber (guaranteed 70 Mbps) and have it installed today. I tested the broadband speed on the internet, and it is around 70 Mbps. However, when I try to download a game on Steam, the actual download speed is only around 8mb/s. My p...

Resolved! Hub not working

My broadband was supposed to go live yesterday but my account still says to not set it up yet. I did it anyway because it should be live by now but only 2 green lights showing and keeps asking me to sign in on my device.That takes me to a page tellin...

Alba by Advocate
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broadband down for 10 days so far, no compensation

my broadband crashed last Tuesday (8 days ago).  I was told different lengths of time that it would be looked at when I called (no-one contacted me) and I have now been told by some manager that it will be 10 days before an engineer even looks at it....

Katelhh by Advocate
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Resolved! No internet

Over night my internet has disappeared, How do I report a fault? Ive gone through the online processes but it doesn't find my router at all and just says the TV is OK. I have rebooted the router but no joy, I suspect it is an open reach issue which i...

Emma5 by Advocate
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Delayed activation date

I ordered my NOW TV package on 06/09/2022 for it to be set up on 22/09/2022. However, my activation date has been pushed back to today due to a "fault in the line" but we've been provided with no update. We've just moved into our first home and curre...