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Setup & Performance


Router issues

My router is just not doing its job despite multiple changes of position. Switching on and off etc. mad soon as I walk more than 4 yards away I’m back on 4Gits extremely frustrating 

PT8023 by Newbie
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Internet down 48 hours again

No obvious reasons but constantly having issues with our Internet going down for days at a time. Usually two green lights but no internet. Done the usual checks (on and off again etc). Should not have to pay for days with no Internet. We have had som...

David2 by Advocate
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Nintendo account on switch issues

My kid can only connect to their Nintendo account through his switch when it is very late at night, never during daytime hours. Is there some kind of restriction placed on this? How can we access it during the day please?

Flo3 by Advocate
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Resolved! Router

I am moving from a BT hub to a NOW router. My BT hub is the digital voice one (VOIP) where my home phone is plugged in the router itself ..Is the NOW hub the it a VOIP enabled router?

Daveb119 by Advocate
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Boost stream quality 8022

Hi, just recently upgraded to boost and my stream quality is 8022. I can’t work out of this is HD? A complete technophobe here so just wondering if this is the highest it can go? I’m streaming via Amazon UHD fire stick. Thanks 

Phone not activated - how do I contact anyone?

Wondering if anyone can help. My broadband and phoneline were installed and activated on 28th december - broadband all works fine. However, I get a dial tone from my phone but I can't call out or receive calls.The NowTV online help goes around and ar...

JennyE by Advocate
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Resolved! FY8 area

My Internet and phone line has gone off, is anyone else in this area experiencing the same issues?

Jan123 by Newbie
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Resolved! Internet Down

Hi Internet has gone down, service checker states that it cannot be fixed online and to call 0800 759 1177. When you call the number it states it’s a known issue and to check this forum for more information. I can’t locate any more information on the...

Problem with the BT master socket

SO there is a technical issue with my BT master socket as it cuts the internet when knocked or when a door close by gets shut cutting the connection to the broadband NOW is worthless as they have ZERO customer service and no numbers to call BT wont h...