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Setup & Performance


Set up Acceleration

Hi,I was given an installation that is over a week away. I have tried everywhere on the NOW website to find a way of calling to speak to a human to ask if there is any way at all that this can be sped up. There does not seem to be any obvious way to ...

Jonno by Newbie
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Resolved! Broadband & Phone Line from different providers

Folks,At my current address I have a BT phone line and a standard broadband service (ADSL2 - not Fibre) from another provider which have happily co-existed for many, many years. I am now planning to move to a new address and take my BT phone line (an...

Resolved! need longer rj11 cable

Hello everyone,I'm new to NowTv and I recently received the hub.I have the BT socket on the wall and the BT to RJ11 cable that I have received is a bit too short, so I was planning to buy a longer one.Does anyone know which is the correct wiring for ...

mastrop by Advocate
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Resolved! Fab Fibre or Super Fibre?

Trying to decide which broadband service will work best in our situation.  At present we have a 'fibre to the cabinet' service with a download speed of about 24mbps  but installers (City Fibre) are working on installing full fibre but we have no idea...

Patchy connection

Hi. For the past couple of weeks my broadband connection has been really patchy, making working from home difficult since Teams calls drop out without warning. Anyone know of a reason, fix or phone number I can call? 

Broadband hub2 no internet light is on

Hi all 31 jan 2023 was my activation date for the new broadband. I have done the setup as they mentioned in the website but in my Hub2 the internet light is not getting on. When we connect the device its showing no internet connection. I tried to cal...

Stephen3 by Advocate
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Broadband setup

Hi, I just join NOW Broadband as a costumer.In "Appointments and orders" says that the broadband was supposed to go live yesterday but apparently I still don't have internet. Is this normal? How long should I wait? Or am I missing something?

cuecaz by Advocate
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