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anyone else experiencing issues since the new interface

Hi all,


I have been using nowtv with a Roku 3 for a number of years with no issues. Generally I have been happy with the service. Recently though since the new interface has been applied im having nothing but issues.


Its general performance is awful, when loading there is a good 5-10 seconds between each page (doesnt sound much but when you are waiting for it) the old Interface was very quick and selecting shows I could do really fast, the new interface im often waiting for things to load.


Secondly and more worryingly on more than one occasion when loading up I just get an error saying 'sorry, nowtv is currently unavailable' It happened last night at around 8pm and when I checked this morning it was still the same. The same has happened in the past where it was out for an entire day.


Is this bugs in the new UI, or something else.



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Hi @Anonymous User 


Can't help with the slow loading times, but if the screen says "Sorry NOW is currently unavailable" and you can't remove the message and watch any NOW content.


Then would you be using any Ad- Blocking software on your Router or you are using a BT Home Hub ?


If the message is intermittent and random then i don't know what the cause could be.


Maybe contact NOW live chat or drop them a message. 

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Thanks Schnapps5,


I dont have any adblocking system for the Roku, I do have it on the network but the Roku is directly connected to the router and is set to bypass any blocking software.


last time it happened it was out for a day then started working again so i`m at a loss. everything else works ok I have had Netflix streaming all day with no issues.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


If your Roku Player is bypassing the Ad-Blocking software on your Router, then i won't be much further help sorry.


I have also come across this message in the past when using a VPN or your IP address on your Router has identified a IP address not allocated to the UK.


Also i have come across this message on rare occasions when watching Sky Sports only and jumping out of the live Sports stream and going back into the stream again seems to fix it for me.


Live Chat will be your best bet.


Edit - Ignore the bit about when watching live Sports where i think the actual message was "Sorry there was an Error in the Player" and i was getting my error messages mixed up.


@Anonymous User   &  @schnapps 



You know Bugs


The new NOW UI has slowed everything down and has introduced a raft of new new bugs, which will be so much fun finding them NOT.


Bah Humbug.gif


Since the new UI's introduction,  I've not used my Roku 3 to play any NOW programs and my Smart Samsung TV has been slowed down to a crawl, while every other online app behaves normally.


I'm even having problems with the forum software, e.g. it has send me an error three times telling me I have no mail in my Notification Feed, I've got over a thousand.


Yeah, the current new UI is messed up and I am guessing the software used is the one they use state side, i.e. the company's preferred application.  So, if I'm right, they're not going to change it, instead they'll prefer that we upgrade our hardware to more modern/powerful models.


Still, I hope I'm wrong and they do change to a "less loaded" software and UI.



UK Bob

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Whilst I would tend to agree with you that Sky/NOW are leaning towards the Peacock style which was created using the same technology as NOW, but what I can safely say being a subscriber to Peacock is that it is smooth as anything. 

The UI is much faster, although the app does take a while to launch. It has some very handy features which NOW doesn’t have, like auto play the second credits hit, skip recap. 

Hopefully over time we will see these handy and key features get applied to NOW. 

That being said, on both my Amazon fire sticks and Sony Bravia Android TV and iPad I have found NOW to run just fine.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Elite 3

I'm using a Roku Premiere and had no problems since the new interface launched.


As for my LG TV in another room, that's a different matter and the integrated app has all but been abandoned due to constant error messages.