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activation delay

Hi, I'll post here because calling on the phone doesn't seem to be resolving any issue.

I requested my broadband service two weeks ago and it was supposed to go online the 29 of March and today I still have my orange light on the modem. I paid through phone service because the webpage wasn't working correctly with my debit card (it's not from UK).


When I access my account I have:

- In the "Track my order" page everything green and good to go.

- In the "Check service status" a big red box like this one: 



- In the "Account Details" section I got a form to insert my credit card details.


For the last point, I already called BEFORE the service was supposed to go online and they told me that my credit card was already in the system and there was no problem, to just ignore the form.

Now, on phone, nobody seems to know exactly why the service it's not working and for the second time, they told me to wait XX hours before the problem could be solved.


My doubts are:

- I didn't receive any payment for the first month on my debit card...could this be the issue that maybe someone didn't double check it? Or the withdraw happens after the month is completed?

-  Will I have some kind of compensation for this problem? I work from home and I recently moved in and I calculated the day to move in with internet and not having this kind of issue. Now I'm losing money because I have either go to Starbucks or spend on mobile internet, which is far from ideal.

NOWtv is one of the few companies good prices without a fixed time contract and it's not my goal to change IPS (beside the fact that I don't know how much time it would take to contract another provider).


Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: activation delay



Does your bill/account show as Paid? 


What did Support tell you was the issue?  You said they said "wait XX hours before it could be  solved" - Do they know the issue? 



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Re: activation delay

Thanks for the reply.


Today they finally sent a technician and he said the broadband was active on another phone line.
He fixed in like 30 min and now we are ok.


I don't understand why the phone support couldn't think of this before and waste a week doing literally nothing.


I'm not happy with the service but like I said I don't have other choices really.

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