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You lost a potential customer tonight



My initial order for Fab Fibre was given a date of May 13 - this date came and went without any updates or news. I checked my orders on the website and they were empty, then i try and restart the process of entering my postcode to check whether i can get your broadband in the hope that my order will come up... your site crashes every time i try this!


I've tried to phone you guys to no avail. I spent over half an hour on hold (on my mobile at my own expense) and couldn't get through - when i finally get through i'm cut off after a few minutes talking to someone. No callback, even though your system took my phone number. 


I then do a bit of digging on here and find out my situation isn't exactly rare. Very hard to get hold of anyone, phone numbers hidden and live chat that is anything but live. 


So some advice please if you don't want to lose a whole host of more customers - make it easier for us to contact you - put in more songs for your hold music (when you are waiting ages 3 songs on repeat doesn't cut it - and maybe fulfil your orders or explain why they have been cancelled! 


You've cost me time, money and patience. If any community members can recommend alternative providers with better customer services please dm me - i'm all ears 🙂


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