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Wifi not strong

We have a small house, router is in the centre point on the landing, doors to downstairs not ever closed, wifi is weak in the kitchen and as soon as you step outside it disconnects, even though you’re mere meters away from the router. Before I call nowtv, any suggestions? We pay to have a strong download speed. 

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Re: Wifi not strong

Try splitting the band's in the router settings.

Also try an app to measure WiFi strength and what other networks may be on the same channel.

For best results try connecting via ethernet as opposed to WiFi.


On a Wired connection what Speeds are you getting?


Re: Wifi not strong



Now routers have notoriously weak WiFi. For the record, what you are paying for is the speed at the router, and Now don’t give any guarantees on range.


If what @chilli2 describes doesn’t solve it, and Ethernet to everything is impractical, you can try either:-

(i) find an alternative router - must support MER61 - and use that

(ii) get one of these to extend things:-

The second option will be rather easier to set up, I think, and will let you move the WiFi end about to find the optimum positioning for your property.

Line 3. Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out…..
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