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Wifi keeps disconnecting on my iphone


I bought the broadband few weeks ago and although it shows a good speed, the router is in the lounge when I’m in my bedroom I keep loosing wifi and it goes into my data which kicks me out of games I play on my phone and it’s super annoying. Literally wherever I am in mh house if not next to the router I don’t have full bars and my phone changed it to data as it’s a stronger connection. How can I fix this as its super annoying and I thought I’m paying for a super broadband for gaming and I can’t game on my phone nor on my ps. 

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@Anonymous User 

Try splitting the bands so you can connect to 5ghz.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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If splitting the bands doesn't help (and I doubt it will) you will need to get extenders/powerline adapters/mesh system. Or just get a better router.