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Wifi doesn’t reach far

I live in a 1 bedroom flat -  the NOWTV hub is set up in the living room at the far end of my flat. The internet does not reach to the bedrooom at the opposite end - surely this isn’t right ? Any ideas how to extend the signal ?

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Legend 5


Wi-if boosters or set up a mesh system.

Both of which NOW don’t provide unfortunately.

You could try splitting the bands, however it might only improve the speed and reliability.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Thankyou! I was thinking about splitting but as you said , that’s more to do with speed. Much appreciated 

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For such a small property a mesh will probably be overkill (and pricey). Better to get your own router, just about any thing would be better than the Now Router.

Both TP-Link and Asus do reasonably priced routers that are compatible with Now.

Did you have another provider before you went to Now?

Modern buildings can have insulation that can interfere with the signal, so maybe a powerline Wi-Fi access point.