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WiFi outages and lag spikes


I've recently been experiencing some issues with my WiFi - it's been great for a month or so, but recently I've been experiencing lag spikes or total disconnections. This happens particularly at night, although it has happened in the day as well, which is affecting my job. I've been connected to my main PC via ethernet, and use a mesh network to extend the WiFi. I originally thought it was the mesh network that was the issue, however it happens even when the mesh isn't in use.

I've also tried resetting the router, to no avail. The NOWTV site keeps saying everything is fine with the network (which clearly, it isn't). Anyone know any fixes/methods?


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Legend 5


Call the broadband team to find out. See link for number.

When you say reset, are you talking about turn off and turn on or factory reset indicated in this link?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Just a turn off and on, I haven't tried a factory reset but if it would help I'll try after calling.