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Weird internet issues since sky's DNS issues

Hi folks, so since sky had that melt down with their DNS servers I've been having some interesting issues, it's taken me a while to work out if it was my phone or something else, but it transpires that it's my connection.



Basically I noticed my Google assistant doesn't work properly, certain apps don't load like Google nest, Spotifys search is really spotty, booking.coms app won't load photos, etc. All really weird and seemingly unconnected, however it turns out if I go on mobile or join a different network it's totally fine so it's my sky/now connection.


Is anyone else having strange issues?

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Legend 5

Hi @Rumpledum 

No problems for me with my NOW Broadband service or NOW Router after Sky / NOW fixed the DNS problem on their service.

I am guessing you tried a fresh power reboot on the NOW Router or held in the reset button on the back of the NOW Router for around 15 seconds? 

Two things I would try is to go into your online account and has a test set Broadband Buddy to either 18 or off (even if you had already done this prior to the DNS outage issue on Sky / NOW). 

If there is no improvement, go into the NOW Router webpage Settings and disable IPV6 to see if that makes any difference.