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Watching 8 hours

I am getting sick of Nowtv judgemental view of me bing watching catch-up. I pay Nowtv to provide me with a service, not to judge me because I catch-up on my shows on my day off. 


Stop this kicking us off after watching for 8 hours ... I work 14 hours shifts, don't get time to watch TV everyday ... keep it up and I will end my contract.

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@Anonymous User 

If I were you I would jump onto Live chat to complain


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@Anonymous User Just before you get kicked off, you should see a warning message for a few seconds. This message contains a “don’t show this again” button. If you are very fast and press it, you won’t be kicked off again.


This does work, as when I’m watching a full day of F1, I’ll leave the tv on Sky Sports F1 for over 10 hours with no interruption.


But as I said, you have to be fast to spot the message, grab the remote, select the button and press it.