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Videos not streaming in Google Classroom

Hi - my kids have Google Classrooms and their teachers post videos for them to look at. But the videos won't stream, the only way to get them to work is to download them as files and play them outside the browser, but they are generally massive so it's not the best way.


It's not a cookie acceptance issue - the machines are set up to accept cookies.


It's not the antivirus either, as the problem is the same on an Ipad as well as our PC, but if we connect using a phone (Vodafone) it all works fine, so it seems to be a NowTV issue. The IT guy at the school said it's a problem with a couple of other internet providers (TalkTalk too).


Anybody got any ideas on how to get round (or even fix!) this?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I won't be much help sorry, but reading over on the Sky Community Forum some people had success changing their Sky Shield to an age rating of 18 from its default setting which i believe might be PG which i suppose defeats the object if you have kids using the internet (unless they are supervised whilst using Google Classroom).


The NowTV equivalent is Broadband Buddy which you can find under My Account > Settings & Pins on here.


You could try reading this link article below where there is a section on "I can't access my work VPN from home" maybe the same rules apply if you enter the Google Classroom details with regards to an allowed website ? 


Perhaps somebody who is more IT Tech savvy than me will know the solution.

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Hi @schnapps 


Look at that! It worked first time! "I won't be much help sorry"


I tried both setting Broadband Buddy to "Age Rating - Adult" and also added to the list of "allowed sites" and the videos started working. I suspect it's the "Adult" setting that made it work though. I guess we have to live with the risk of what else that allows in.


That's brilliant - thanks so much for your help.

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THANKS, worked for me too!!

I had the exact same issue: Google classroom videos not streaming/starting on any devices connected to our NowTV wifi, but OK if using 4g mobile data.


Tried to add as an authorised site --> didn't work ☹️

Changed the age rating from 13 to 18 in the Broadband buddy settings --> Worked!

Then went into custom settings to try to block some of the categories:

  • Anonymizers, Filesharing & Hacking -Block
    Dating -Block
    Drugs & Criminal Skills -Block
    Online Gaming -Block
    Phishing, Malware & Spyware -Block
    Pornography & Adult -Block
    Social Networking -Block
    Suicide & Self Harm -Block
    Weapons, Violence, Gore & Hate -Block


I thought Filesharing and social networking would be enough, but nope everything needs to be allowed for classroom google videos to stream...

I'm comfortable with that 🤔