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Using a second Hub2 as a wireless access point

Problem: I live in a basement flat with thick walls and my Hub2 has poor coverage.

Aim: Each of the rooms have connected Ethernet/LAN ports and I have second hub2 so I would like to use this as a wireless access point in another room. 

So far I have connected both my main router and the second router via LAN. I access the admin page of the second router to enable wireless access point, then when I go to disable DHCP in advanced settings, as soon as I press apply the router restarts and when I reconnect to the second router it drops out after a couple of seconds. This keeps happening until I reset the router.

Has anyone managed to use a Hub2 as a wireless access point? Have I missed something or am I doing something wrong? 



Elite 3

I think you may have missed one point.

You are presumably connected to the 2nd router by Ethernet. You don't need to enable wireless access point, as it doesn't have that option, just don't disable the wireless.

Now comes the part I believe you are missing, yes you need to disable the DHCP, but when you reboot your PC won't get an I.P. address (no DHCP), so before rebooting set the base address of the second router to something within the same address range, but outside the scope of addresses issued by the first router, will probably do. (I don't have a Now router so can't describe exactly how you do those steps) and it is usually best to change the base address before disabling the DHCP.

Then when you reboot you should be able to access the 2nd router on

It is often better to set a fixed I.P. on the device you are using to set it up.

That should get it working, if not try googling "use an old router as access point" or ask back here.

Good luck.