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Use own Router with NR801 as Modem?


Just joined NowTv. I have my own router (a Linksys one) and it is not a modem router combo. So is there a way I can use the NowTv's NR801 as a modem only? 


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@Anonymous User you have probably figured it out for yourself. however I know it was an option with Sky routers so I would presume it would be with Now routers.
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I use a mesh WiFI from BT with the Now router doing the WAN


Turn DHCP off on your own router and use it as a WiFi router only


The Now/Sky system using MER is a bit dark-ages, but its their way of locking 


Switch to a better ISP when your contract is up.



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Dear Steve412, 

I hope you are doing well.  Please can you advise about achieving a secure password reset on a NowTV hub?  When i try to log in, an insecure connection shows up - so trying to change a password seems a bit pointless. 😊


Thanks for helping


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