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Re: Upload Speed Limited to 2 MB/s

@nick_g wrote:

WiFi in both instances yes - I actually don't own an ethernet adapter for the computer in question! 


However, I still don't understand why I would observe a 2MB/s on the NOW TV network and 24MB/s on Eduroam - unless its router hardware related? 

Yes it's hardware related, the hardware in question being the long bit of cable between the Now router and the Openreach cabinet.

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Re: Upload Speed Limited to 2 MB/s



For my job, WFH, I have to connect to several networks, albeit one at a time, over VPN connections, but they are all going out from my work laptop, and going out over my BT router, and via BT as my ISP.


So @nick_g could have meant the same thing - but as my posting made clear, I hope, I rather expected that he didn’t.

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Re: Upload Speed Limited to 2 MB/s

So for both networks, I only connected via WiFi from a macbook. 


So last week at work (Edu-roam) I ran and got an average of 22Mbps upload from three runs, however I have re-run the test at work today and had an average of 438Mbps!! Maybe I ran the tests during some maintenance, or maybe connected to a further away AP (there has been some limited cabling work done in the building).


I will also be more careful reading units in future as the Mbps vs. MB/s  certainly caused me some confusion. 


Thanks for your help guys!