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Upgraded from brilliant broadband to super fibre and my Internet is worse!

I upgraded to the superfibre as I was getting 7/8mbps on brilliant broadband. My go live date was meant to be 1/7/22 (yesterday). My Internet is even worse. I can't stream anything at all, can't connect to chromecast and it's just easier being on mobile data instead of WiFi on my phone. Bit annoyed about this.

Any suggestions before I give them a call? It says my broadband is still changing but won't show me any open orders. Surely they should have let me know if they couldn't honour my switch date.

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It may not be the broadband that is the problem, it may just be the Wi-Fi. Can you connect to the router with a cable and test your speed then.

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How long is it since you changed product? it can take 14 days or so for the line to stabilise.4

As above have you tried an ethernet connection?


Another issue that could be present is the difference between ADSL and VDSL

as im sure you know ADSL which now sell as brilliant broadband (?) operates at a lower frequency than VDSL (super/fab)

 So called Fibre is not real fibre but fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) then copper to your property.

 ADSL, sold as brilliant by now is copper all the way to the exchange .


ADSL will go further than VDSL , however at  shorter distances VDSL will be much faster. As the line length increases the speed drops off, this drop off happens sooner with the higher frequency VDSL/FTTC

 This means that in some situations, depending upon line length ADSL can out perform VDSL , so under those circumstances brilliant broadband all be it slow will be better than super/fab fibre.


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