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The journal of a NOW Broadband customer - Broadband not working [May 9th 2022]

Not AGAIN ! I wonder if these interruptions are in fact a feature and not a failure.

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20 minutes later, I got back the connection running. Maybe is the wind ?  Nahh ! definitely the planets.

Will it last ?

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22:38 And, IT'S GONE !

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22:57 It's alive, it's alive ...but for how long ?


Dont know what your doing wrong - I've got a solid connection ( so far) uptime 32 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes ( and that was a temporary power down of the router to move something) prior to that no downtime either

rock solid connection since switching to Now


Unfortunately it would appear that reps from Now do not pay any attention to this site so spamming it out hoping that someone form Sky/Now may take notice will be as much use as a wet fart in a hurricane.


Drop outs, is this wifi or ehternet? is the router re booting? if so what router are you using?

what is the connection uptime on the router?

are the lights on?

 is DSL present on the line during the drops?

is it Christmas yet?