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Terrible service. Still not been connected! 11 days and counting. ☹️

We decided to move from plusnet to nowtv. Box arrived on the 5th Feb and we were told we would be connected on the 10th. It’s now nearly 11 days later and we’re still not connected! We have constantly called and emailed and we’re just told “We’re waiting for an update” and that’s all the ‘help’ we get. We’ve tried being nice, we’ve got upset, we’ve shouted but still get the same not really interested off script answer. Seriously unimpressed with nowtv AND their customer service. Think we’re going to try another provider as we both need the internet for work. 0/10

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Are Plusnet not still providing your service during the transition period? This will not be any comfort to you I know, but I feel the dead hand of Openreach here. 

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Sounds like something went wrong when Openreach did the swap, but Now should be pushing them to fix it, and should definitely be keeping the OP updated.


Did the line go dead on the 10th?

Did you cancel with PlusNet or did you let Now handle everything?

Now were dealing with the takeover. Plusnet line stopped working the day before the date we were told we would be activated.

They say it is Open Reach but still does not help us and had no comeback
or update for days now. If anyone can recommend a better supplier in our
area who can get us up and running asap that would be great!



BT instantly supplied me with a mobile dongle until my FTTP was up, and if the FTTP ever goes down, the dongle kicks back in to keep me running. Look up their Hybrid Connect.


Working from home, and needing 24/7 access, nothing less would do.


You might only need regular hours WFH, and Now Broadband is attractively inexpensive, but you get what you pay for, and you aren’t paying much….

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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Did you cancel with your previous ISP?

Or just sign up with now?


This may have an effect on the current situation


hi there


I have had the same bad experience, they never answer the phone or the email address I have tried to call Marina Storti on [email removed] but no response  unbelievably bad! i have to phone lines or wifi for 6 days they just say they need 5 days more


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I have to say I am a wee bit puzzled by these reports. Not so much the delays in the NOW service going live, that will almost certainly be down to Openreach, who are stretched once again thanks to the recent severe weather. But the disconnection of the existing service. 


I organised a switch on behalf of my father-in-law late last year and it was delayed. His existing service continued in the meantime until the switch took place. And he received £5.04 per day compensation for his trouble.

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There are two ways to cancel/move provider, and each one is different.


Method 1: Cease and re-provide

 If you tell your old provider that you want to cancel at any point then they will put a cease on the account/line . this has the effect of stopping all the services, in turn this can take some time for Openreach to get up to speed and in some cases physically disconnect your line including jumpers ( connectors) at the exchange and in the street cabinet.

 Once this process has been carried out the  the line is free  for a new service , then everything will have to be re-connected and checked.

 Depending upon how efficient the local openreach teams are being organised it can take upto 2 weeks ( 10 working days) to remove the old services and then a further 10 days to put them back.

 One huge fly in the ointment is that if the local cabinet is full, that is you have a fibre to the cabinet service and all available ports/connections are used up then there could be a waiting list, once your service is removed as part of the cease process someone else on the waiting list will get the connection and in turn your "new" service goes on the waiting list leaving you with ADSL as the only option for the foreseeable. And again if that happens there could be further issues in provisioning your line at the exchange, again worst case scenario is that someone form openreach may have to drill holes in thin and thread wires through at the exchange adding even more time to resolve things .


Option 2:

 Migration , this is where you may call your old provider to try and get a better deal - if  nothing worth it is put on the table and haggling doesnt work then  you just sign up with a new provider.

 Never say cancel to the old provider.

 you sign up with the new provider and everything should go from there - with a migration downtime should be no more than a few hours

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@chilli2 Just to add, the first option generally applies to switches from/to full fibre networks, it still need not cause a gap between services. The second option is known as the gaining provider led process.


But you are quite right in the sense that you should never simply cancel with your current provider, that can lead to either being charged by two providers at the same time, or a loss in service for a period.