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Terrible customer service

Three months with internet connecting issues, hub lossing connection, multiple phone calls to unhelpful customer service representatives. Two failed attempts to fix from engineers.

Getting absolutely ridiculous now. 

Still having issues with the connection + working from home my internet connection is very important.

 Also to add - the automated voice when phoning the customer service line is absolutely laughable as after choosing options to speak about my connection problem it asks me of I have now TV broadband. An absolute pointless question when to find the number I have to search Google for ''NOWTV BROADBAND CONTACT NUMBER'' then to go through 2-3 options to get through to someone to talk about the nowtv broadband it then asks me if I have now TV broadband.

This is the worst customer service I've experienced since being with EE. 

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Elite 2

Try the NOW broadband complaints number: 0800 759 1213


Also it is Now broadband, not Now TV broadband. It may make a difference when searching.